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Multifunctional packaging box anti-theft anti-theft performance


With the rapid development of packaging technology, new packaging products are changing with each passing day, and a new batch of products with unique features are gradually becoming popular in the market.

In order to prevent the theft of goods in transit, Dith launched a new type of anti-theft packaging cartons. The structural features are: the box body and the two bottom plates form a three-piece Corrugated Box, and the lid of the carton is glued and sealed by a hot melt adhesive and is provided with a top flap. If stolen, it must tear or damage the entire carton. At present, this type of carton has been used by businesses that have serious theft problems.

Ordinary Corrugated Box is poor in water resistance and moisture resistance, and are nowadays waterproof and moisture-proof corrugated boxes; such as waxed cartons and boxes. Polyethylene laminating cartons cannot be recycled. Therefore, Japanese researchers have developed a new type of recyclable waterproof Packaging Box. The carton contains hydrolyzable resin, has good water and moisture resistance, is degradable, and is easy to recycle. It is a good substitute for waxed cartons and laminated cartons.

Recently, a reusable palletized carton has appeared on the European market. This is a large Traypak three-ply corrugated carton produced by Triwall in Europe. It consists of a cylindrical box body and two vacuum-molded lids that can be used as base pans or lids. Among them, the platter is made of a single piece of high-density polyethylene resin by thermoforming, which has light weight, high impact strength and good durability. The carton has a very deep edge, which allows the cylindrical body to be fixed in the groove of the edge. This new type of carton is suitable for forming an integral tray and can be reused.

Not long ago, British Mondi Packaging and Omega Intercept collaborated to develop a series of corrugated cartons with anti-corrosion properties. The inner layer of the new carton is coated with adhesive ink, and the contents of the carton can be stored for more than 5 years without any other anti-corrosion measures. This is due to the highly active copper network, which effectively neutralizes corrosive gases. The packaging carton also embodies environmental protection functions and is easy to recycle after use like an ordinary corrugated box. This type of carton is also used in IntercptMax technology to provide antistatic protection for packaged items. A British company has also developed a new type of cardboard packaging box for food, office paper and other packaging. This thin Packaging Box is divided into two separate upper and lower parts, the lower part accounts for about 1/3 of the height of the entire carton, and there are two handles on both sides. The upper part is a square paper shell with the same height as the whole package. By covering the shell on the carton, it becomes a complete package box. When used, carry it through the handle at the bottom, and the contents will not be tilted or fallen.

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